We’re back for another round of FaMESHed this April with all your favorite designers bringing together outstanding mesh apparel and home items! Are you ready to go? We have everything you need right here!

Check out and see who’s gracing us this month!

(Promo) AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Spring Cardigan

Aitui – Spring Cardigans by Jesseaitui Petion


[ARIA] – Sloane Outdoor Set by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Ory combination-shirt & skirt

Baiastice – Ory Shirt and Skirt Combo Set by Sissy Pessoa

Denim & Chevron FaMeshed - Coquet - April

Coquet. –  Bohemian Denim by Tabitha Marquez

Cracked Mirror - Roxanne Jumpsuit

Chevron Dress

(Cracked Mirror) – Roxanne Jumpsuit and Chevron Dress by Cracked Mirror

Boat Bench

Eleventh Hour – Boat Bench by River Stromfield


[Gos] Boutique – Charlotte Shoes by Gospel Voom


Lame – Kenway Sectional by Divine Falodir


(LaRoo) – Shotgun Boots by LaRoo


The Loft – Living Room Set by Colleen Desmoulin


Milk Hair – Girl About Town Hair by Kattington

Guzla Shorts and Nadya Tank Top By Mutresse

Mutresse – Guzia Shorts and Nadya Tanks by Eeky Coic


NYU –  Ruffle Collar Blouse and High Waist Skirt by Nyunyu Kimono

Kassy Pam Poster

Rebel Hope – Kassy Capris and Pam Tops by Rebel Hope


Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-A-Clysm and Super Bass RAB8 Headphones by Axsisthorn Resident

~Tableau Vivant~ Valentin AD

Tableau Vivant – Valentin Unixex Hair by Marilyn Magic

michelle hair

/Wasabi Pills/ – Michelle Hair by LittleMissSunday Lemon


=Zenith= – Chiffon Shirts and Sledge Handbags by Miffyhoi Rosca


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LaRoo | MeshWorx | +CONVAIR+ | NYU | Rebel Hope | Glam Affair | Tableau Vivant
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Baiastice | Remarkable Oblivion | [ARIA] | Eleventh Hour | Molichino
Emery | Aitui | Coquet. | Cheeky Pea
Mutresse | [Pixel Mode] HOME | Milk Hair | =Zenith=



Spring into FaMESHed for a Great Round!

by Admin on March 1, 2014

March is roaring like a lion and bringing about another round of great creations from some amazing designers! Come take a look at what is being offered at this month’s round of FaMESHed and you won’t be disappointed!


ilaria wine bar set

[ARIA] – Ilaria Mini Wine Bar Set by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Marble loose sweatshirt & Ivana High slit skirt

Baiastice – Marble Loose Sweatshirt and Ivana High Slit Skirtby Sissy Pessoa


Cheeky Pea – Salcombe Gazebo by Isla Gealach

Coquet. Glam - March FaMeshed Ad

Coquet – Glam Ensemble by Tabitha Marquez



(Cracked Mirror) – Artemis Dress, Rapture Jacket, and Fury Slit Skirt by Cracked Mirror

e! Natasha Shirt Poster

e! Natasha Jacket and Pants Poster

e! Apparel – Natasha Shirt, Natasha Jacket & Pants by Eclectic Wingtips


[Gos] Boutique - Hallie w/Stockings by Gospel Voom


.Lame – Dylan’s Chill Spot by Divine Falodir


(LaRoo) – Lucy Pumps by Cracked Mirror and Crashov Uladstron


The Loft – Portolla Side Chair by Colleen Desmoulins

MG - Bangles  -  La Cubelle Fastionista

MG - Necklace - DewDrop Glass beads

MG - Necklace - Love Catcher Heart

MG - Ring - Venus Wild Clasp

Maxi Gossamer – La Cubelle, DewDrop, Love Catcher Heart, Venus Wild Clasp by Maxi Gossamer


Meshworx – Windows by Loz Hyde

Cveti and Stilna dresses by Mutresse

Mutresse – Cveti & Stilna Dresses by Eeky Cioc


NYU – Flared Pants and Cropped Tee by Nyunyu Kimono


Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Collection by Cory Edo

Grace Ensemble

Valentina E. -  Grace Ensemble by Valentina Evangelista



Zenith – Leather Manteau Dress and Jewelry by Miffyhoi Rosca


Cracked Mirror | Eclectic Apparel | Cheeky Pea  | [monso] | Maxi Gossamer
LaRoo | MeshWorx |  | NYU | The Loft | Aitui | .lame
Trompe Loeil | Valentina E. | Wasabi Pills | Alice Project | =Zenith=
Baiastice | [ARIA] | Gos Boutique | Coquet | Compulsion | House of London
Emery | +CONVAIR+  | Diesel Works | Le Primitif | Rage Designs
Glam Affair | Kauna | Mutresse | Tableau Vivant


Oh it’s so sweet! FaMESHed is back!

by Admin on February 1, 2014

There is nothing like a bit of love in the air for….SHOPPING!
FaMESHed takes off into February with amazing creations for everyone’s liking!
You’ll love this time of year and everything that the designers have to offer!

Happy Shopping!

Platform Sneaks

Adore & Abohor – Platform Shoes by Airedine Poe

Bianca  bedroom ad adult

[ARIA] – Bianca Bedroom Set by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Heli dress

Baiastice – Heli Dress by Sissy Pessoa

Cae for Feb FaMESHed

Cae – Elusive Jewelry Set by Caelan Hancroft


:Cheeky Pea: & Consignment – Dragonfly Garden by Isla Gealach and Wavie Haller

Coquet - February Fameshed - Jillian

Coquet – Jillian by Tabitha Martinez

(CM) Athena Dress

(Cracked Mirror) – Athena Dress by Cracked Mirror



[Gos] Boutique – Samantha & Carrie in Patent with Stockings by Gospel Voom

Kauna - Quilted Jacket

Kauna – Quilted Jacket by Ross Myhre

(LaRoo) Medusa Pumps

(LaRoo) – Medusa Pumps by Cracked Mirror and Crashov Uladstron

MESHWORX Doodle Dining Set

Meshworx – Doodle Dining Set by Loz Hyde

12229736064_ee886a31e6_b (1)

MudHoney – Ophelia Entry by Rayvn Hynes

Gnus Coat-Gushi Gloves-Muci Clutch

Mutresse – Gnus Coat, Gushi Gloves & Muci Clutch by Eeky Coic


N-Core – Donna by Claire Messenger


[Pixel Mode] HOME – Clock Tower Skybox by Tya Fallingbridge


Remarkable Oblivion – Cherubim Horns of Arrows by Axsisthorn


Trompe Loeil – Ines Living Room Set by Cory Edo


Valentina E. – Chrissie Ensemble by Valentina Evangelista


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LaRoo | MeshWorx |  | NYU | Rebel Hope | Aitui | ANA_Mations
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MudHoney | Kauna | Mutresse | N-Core | Remarkable Oblivion | TRUTH


Happy New Year from FaMESHed!

by Admin on January 1, 2014

FaMESHed is back to ring in the New Year of 2014!
We’re bringing you new and exciting items from many amazing creators in Second Life! Ready for some awesome things? Well come down to see us!


Aitui – The General Jacket by Jesseaitui Petion

ARIA_Vivien_bathroom_ad- FaMESHed

[ARIA] – Vivien Bathroom Set by Yelo Uriza

trailingflowers copy pansies

[ba] – Pansies and Trailing Flowers by Barnesworth Anubis

FaMESHed - January Preview

Baiastice – Kirsty Ensemble and Cara Jewelry Sets by Sissy Pessoa

Cae __ Ascend Ensemble for Jan 2014 FaMESHed

Cae – Ascend Jewelry Set by Caelan Hancroft


Cheeky Pea – Bremen Bathroom by Isla Gealach

Jan Fameshed -Coquet

Coquet – Peplum Sweater Combo & Sierna Dress by Tabitha Marquez

(CM) Bailey Sweater & Mambo Pastel Jeans

(CM) Pleated Skirt and Apprentice Top

(Cracked Mirror) – Bailey Sweaters, Mambo Jeans, Pleated Skirts, & Apprentice Tops by Cracked Mirror


eep – Hair #22 by eep


Emery – John Coat and Yoko Boyfriend Jeans by Sunami Beck


(LaRoo) – Brooke Pumps by Cracked Mirror & Crashov Uladstron

MG - Rings - Royal Khadijah Estate MG - Necklace - Royal Khadijah Estate MG - Earrings - Paris Weekend MG - Bangles - Starry Starry Night

Maxi Gossamer – Assortment of Styles by Maxi Gossamer


Meshworx – Masanori by Loz Hyde


MIAMAI – Morije Dress by Monica Outlander


NYU – Overall Babydoll Dress by Nyunyu Kimono


[Pixel Mode] HOME – Assorted Furniture by Tya Fallingbridge

Jackie Poster

Rebel Hope- Jackie Coat Dress by Rebel Hope


Trompe Loeil – The Dragon and Orchid Home Pub by Cory Edo

Valentina E Jennifer Ensemble

Valentina E. – Jennifer Ensemble by Valentina Evangelista


Cracked Mirror | Eclectic Apparel | Cheeky Pea  | eep | Maxi Gossamer
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Baiastice | [ARIA] | IKON | Coquet | Cae | House of London
Emery | +CONVAIR+  | [Pixel Mode] HOME | DRD | MIAMAI
MudHoney | Compulsion | Remarkable Oblivion | MIAMAI


The holidays are among us and that means Happy Holiday Shopping at FaMESHed! We’re all basking in the joy of the season by showcasing an amazing round of mesh goodies for your shopping pleasure! Here’s what you can find at FaMESHed this round!


Aitui – Romulus Top by Jesseaitui Petion


[ARIA] – Milano Kitchen by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Kaji Jacket & Tulle Skirt

Baiastice – Kaji Jacket and Tulle Skirt by Sissy Pessoa


Cheeky Pea – Bremen Bed by Isla Gealach

Coquet. Twist Fameshed AD

Coquet – Twist Dresses by Tabitha Marquez

e! Mrs Claus Poster

e! Apparel – Mrs. Claus Dresses by Eclectic Wingtips

Emery Fameshed December 2013

Emery – Cropped Top & Elle Skirt by Sunami Beck

Dita in Neon

Gos Boutique – Dita in Neon by Gospel Voom

Spectral Eyes Main Display

IKON – Spectral Eyes by Ikon Innovia


ISPACHI – Billy Sweater by Diarmuid Miklos

Kauna - Fingerless Gloves

Kauna – Fingerless Gloves by Ross Myhre


(LaRoo) – Zoey Heels by Cracked Mirror & Crashov Uladstron

Maxi Gossamer

Maxi Gossamer – Assortment of Styles by Maxi Gossamer

Sneja Boots by Mutresse

Mutresse – Sneja Boots by Eeky Cioc


[PM] Pixel Mode HOME – Winter Dream Gazebo by Tya Fallingbridge

Brandi Poster

Rebel Hope- Brandi Dress by Rebel Hope

Overdrive Headphones

Remarkable Oblivion – Overdrive Headphones by Axsisthorn

~Tableau Vivant~ Silverblade hair AD

Tableau Vivant – Silverblade Hair by M4rilyn Magic

Trompe Loeil

Trompe Loeil – Holiday Hearths, Holiday Couch and Trees by Cory Edo


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LaRoo | MeshWorx | [monso] | NYU | Rebel Hope | Aitui | Tableau Vivant
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MudHoney | Compulsion | Remarkable Oblivion | MIAMAI






As the days get colder, FaMESHed gets hotter!

by Admin on November 1, 2013

FaMESHed is back this month of November with some amazing and enticing mesh items that will sure to keep the cold at bay. Grab your coat, boots and scarf and make your way down to FaMESHed for another great event! Here’s what we have in store for you!

silvia mini set_ad_FaMeshed

[ARIA] - Silvia Mini Set by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Shannon dress & hat

Baiastice – Shannon Dress and Hat by Sissy Pessoa

Quinn Leather Sofa Set

Cheeky Pea - Quinn Leather Sofa Set by Isla Gealach

Coquet Miranda

Coquet – Miranda Outfit by Tabitha Marquez


(Cracked Mirror) - Band Jacket and Sandy Leather Pants by Cracked Mirror

e! Aria Dress POSTER

e! Apparel - Aria Dress by Eclectic Wingtips 

Exile Daydream

Exile – Daydream by Kavar Cleanslate

(LaRoo) Mona Pumps

LaRoo Shoes - Mona Pumps by LaRoo

MESHWORX Urban Oasis 3

Meshworx by Loz Hyde

[mons] My Cotton Jeans

[monso] – My Cotton Jeans by Morphine Janick

Piki Sweater and Lana Shorts by Mutresse

Mutresse – Piki Sweater and Lana Shorts by Eeky Cioc

N-Core Chloe

N-Core – Chloe Slingbacks by Claire Messenger

NYU - Vendor SweaterMix

NYU – Linen Stitched Skirt and Wool Thin Sweater by Nyunyu Kimono

Jaylin Poster

Yoga Pants Poster

Rebel Hope – Yoga Pants and Jaylin Sweater by Rebel Hope

~Tableau Vivant~ Alecto Hair AD

Tableau Vivant – Alecto Hair by Marilyn Magic


Trompe Loeil by Cory Edo

Valentina E Dita Ensemble

ValentinaE. - Dita Ensemble by Valentina Evangelista

David Hat & Hair Valiant

Valiant by Wavie Haller


Cracked Mirror | Eclectic Apparel | Cheeky Pea  | Exile | Maxi Gossamer
LaRoo | MeshWorx | [monso] | NYU | Rebel Hope | Glam Affair | Tableau Vivant
Trompe Loeil | Valentina E. | Wasabi Pills | Valiant
Baiastice | [ARIA] | Botanical | Coquet | N-Core | House of London
Emery | Mutresse | [Pixel Mode] HOME | The Loft


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Rush Over To FaMESHed!

by Admin on October 1, 2013

It’s the first of the month and that means a new round of FaMESHed has begun! Lots of fabulous mesh goodies in store for everyone so make sure you head over and shop ’til you drop! Check out what is available this month from all the awesome designers below.

MESHWORX Rebekah Couch in Contempo Fabric at FaMeshed October

MESHWORX Rebekah Armchair  in Contempo Fabric at FaMeshed October

 MeshworxRebekah Couch and Armchair 

October Fameshed 1 - Coquet

October Fameshed 2 - Coquet

 CoquetCowl Neck Sweater and Leggings

Kauna - Tunic: Olive

Kauna- Tunic

Nyu- Peter Pan Collar Coat 

N-core "Mambo" Coming Soon@FaMESHed!

 N-core- Mambo Heels

NEW-RO Photographers Eye Available October 1st @FaMESHed

 Remarkable OblivionPhotographers Eye Eyepatch

Cae __ Riviera Ensemble @ October FaMESHed

CaeRiviera Collection

Tableau Vivant- Oh and Beaumont Hair

Valiant @ FaMESHed -

 Valiant- Jacket and Tee Combo

ISPACHI Adam - Coming Soon

Ispachi- Adam Layered Top


LaRoo- Emily Sock Wedges

Cracked Mirror - Molly Top

Valentina E





Trompe Loeil


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Run Don’t Walk…

by Admin on September 1, 2013

… to FAMESHED! We’ve got another fabulous month of mesh creations lined up for you this round at FaMESHed! We are welcoming 5 designers who have never participated before. We are also ecstatic to help a new promising mesh creator, Coquet, debut her first mesh creations at FaMESHed along with her new store opening!

So I know you’re really here for the pretty pictures. I won’t keep you waiting anymore!!



CoquetVivid Dawn Dress




WetcatTill Rain Stops – Mesh Pose/Prop


Cracked MirrorSlouch Sweaters & Snare Mini Skirts

(LaRoo) Riding Boots

LaRooRiding Boots


Cheeky PeaPort Isaac Pier


Valentina E. – Sloane Separates

Emery for Fameshed September 2013

Emery – Sweater Luck * Pleated Long Skirt Mykonos

baybrooke promo image

Trompe Loeil – The Baybrooke Bedroom Collection

Cae __ Charmed Necklaces @ September FaMESHed

CaeCharmed Collection


AriaEmber Living Room Set

Here’s Your Taxi! See You Here! 

Coquet | GOS | Alice Project | Diram | Baiastice | Maxi Gossamer | Glam Affair | Truth | Eclectic | Cae | Fruk | Wasabi Pills | Eep |Rebel Hope | Emery | Valentina E. | Exile | MiaMai | Aitui | Cracked Mirror | Lame | Wetcat | LaRoo | Seven Emporium | Cheeky Pea | The Loft | Botanical | Pixel Mode | MESHWORX | Aria | Trompe Loeil

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Another round is back with your favorite mesh creators! FaMESHed keeps on skipping along with amazing pieces of work that are sure to tickle your pocketbook! Are you ready to take a walk down FaMESHed’s path to awesomeness? Let’s Go!

Here’s who we have in store for YOU!

Baiastice_Crop Top-Denim Tulle Skirt-Vintage RoundGlasses

Baiastice – Crop Top, Denim Tulle Skirt, & Vintage Round Glasses by Sissy Pessoa


Botanical – Mesh Lattice Fence Set by Kriss Lehmann


Cheeky Pea – Outdoor Movies by Isla Gealach

Diesel Works - Bella Chair

Diesel Works – Bella Chair by Rogan Diesel


eep – Mesh Hair #20 by Eep

Eleventh Hour - The Flaling Palm Suite

Eleventh Hour – The Falling Palm Suite by River Stromfield

Emery Fameshed August 2013

Emery – Amadeus Biker Jacket & Highwaisted Strauss Jeans by Sunami Beck



Entente – Sentier Unisex Boots & Gilet Tank for Men by Entente


[Gos] Boutique – Lauren d’Orsay in Silver by Gospel Voom

Kauna - SilouZoo Tshirt

Kauna - SilouWar Tshirt

Kauna – SilouZoo & ZilouWar T-Shirts by Ross Myhre


LaRoo – Kasey Boots by LaRoo

MESHWORX Macau Bamboo Chair Vintage White 3

Meshworx – Macau Bamboo Chairs by Loz Hyde

[monso] Hair - Lizzy

[monso] – My Hair in Lizzy by Morphine Janick

mudhoney sydney lamp ad

mudhoney sydney chair ad

MudHoney – Sydney Lamp and Chair by Rayvn Hynes

Mutresse... Lili Sheer Blouse with Skirt Vendor Ad

Mutresse – Lili Sheer Blouse with Skirt by Eeky Cioc

NYU Bodice Dress

NYU – Bodice Dress by NyuNyu Kimono

RO Sandstorm Goggles

Remarkable Oblivion – Sandstorm Googles by Axsisthorn Resident


Scarlet Creative – His and Her Beds by Charlotte Bartlett 

~Tableau Vivant~ Keyring necklace AD

Tableau Vivant – Keyring Unisex Necklace by M4rilyn Magic

The Oceania Collection

Trompe Loeil – The Oceania Collection by Cory Edo



Valentina E. – Flirty Ensemble and Louise Dress by Valentina Evangelista

Wasabi Pills - Sarah

Wasabi Pills – Sarah Mesh Hair by MissAllSunday Lemon


Cracked Mirror | Eclectic Apparel | eep | Kauna | Maxi Gossamer | House of London
LaRoo | MeshWorx | MudHoney | NYU | Rebel Hope | Glam Affair | Tableau Vivant
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Baiastice | Remarkable Oblivion | Entente | Eleventh Hour | Botanical
Emery | Diesel Works | Fruk | ISPACHI
Mutresse | [Pixel Mode] HOME | Scarlet Creative | The Loft


We’re back for another great round of fantastic designers just waiting to tickle your shopping bone! Are you ready to see who we have attending this coming round?? Well here they are!

Check it out!

FaMESHed- ARIA_alegra_ad.

Aria – Alegra Reading Corner Set by Yelo Uriza

Baiastice_Arya dress AD

Baiastice – Arya Dress by Sissy Pessoa


Cheeky Pea – Rowan Tea Cup Spa by Isla Gaelach



(Cracked Mirror) – Layered Tanks and Bounty Jean Skirts by Cracked Mirror

e! Milita Dress Poster

e! Apparel – Milita Dress by Eclectic Wingtips



Entente – Hemming Shoe (Unisex) and Court Shorts by Entente


[Gos] Boutique – Eva Slingback in Baby Pink and Baby Blue by Gospel Voom


Kauna – Wingtip Brogues by Ross Myhre

Alice Knee High Pumps

(LaRoo) – Alice Knee High Pumps by LaRoo


[monso] – My Hair Amy by Morphine Janick


[PM] Pixel Mode HOME – The Raft (Adult & PG Versions) by Tya Fallingbridge

Angela Poster

Rebel Hope – Angela Dress by Rebel Hope


Trompe Loeil – Country Pavilion by Cory Edo


Valentina E – Hampton Shorts and Boardwalk Top by Evangeline Eames


Wasabi Pills – Tanya Hair by LittleMissSunday Lemon

Here’s your TAXI to this month’s FaMESHed!

Trompe Loeil / (Cracked Mirror) /Emery / NYU / Gos / Valentina E.
Rebel Hope / House of London / TRUTH / Maxi Gossamer
Remarkable Oblivion / [monso] / fri.day home / [aria] / Lame
[PM] Pixel Mode Home /Cheeky Pea / Wasabi Pills / The Loft
 Baiastice / Entente / Scarlet Creative / Kauna
e! Apparel / Glam Affair / LaRoo / The Secret Store /eep