Fall for FaMESHed

by Admin on October 1, 2012

Okay, that’s corny.  But WHATEVER.  Look at all the awesome new release for October’s cycle!

Fortis Hooded TShirt for Men.  I’ve already seen it on our esteemed male blogger, Bouncer Criss and it is awesome.  Guys, please go get this so I can cam on all of you and drool appropriately.  KTKS.

Fall Fashion, PEOPLE.  I love Trench Coats, there are not enough of them for women in SL.  Thank you, NYU!

Morning Light Bathtub & Accessories for FaMESHed October 2012

Morning Light Bathtub & Accessories for FaMESHed October 2012

Someone grab the bubble bath and a loofah because its about to go DOWN.  Cory Edo has created this awesome bathtub setup and there are PG as well as Adult versions of each particular texture set.  Party at Cracked’s house tomorrow \o/ BYOB

Stomp in your big boy boots, guys.  And stomp again.

Step out in style with this adorable top and boots from House of London

Paris, first class!

All I can say is…you’re going to want to live here.  It’s unavoidable.  Truth.

Seriously, how adorable is this hair? Ladies, LADIES…look how cute!

Someone could cook up some serious trouble with this set here.  Pilot, putting out amazing sets as always!

We’re very excited to have Erratic as a guest for this month and really… you can see why when you see this cute piece!

Awesome slouchy sweaters from Erratic.  3 styles, all perfect for a fall look

…and then once you’re done with all the bubble bathing, skipping through leaves, drooling at hot boys and plotting world domination its time to grab the sweats and RELAX :D so come on down to FaMESHed and get October started right.

FaMESHed Landmark

Participants for this cycle are:

Alice Project |Cracked Mirror | Eclectic Apparel | Fanatik | Maxi Gossamer | [HANDverk] | House of London | Kauna | Leverocci | NYU | Rebel Hope | Glam Affair | Tableau Vivant | Trompe Loeil | Valentina E. | Wasabi Pills |  Apple Fall | Ispachi | Monso | Pilot| Sleepy Eddy | Emery | Erratic | MOLiCHiNO | Vive 9 | MeshWorx

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