For Designers

At the moment FaMESHed’s creator participation are by invite only. However we know that there are many stores out there that create amazing mesh items that we do not know about. We would also like to give anyone who is willing to join the chance to put their brand forth to be considered for acceptance into FaMESHed.

As of September 2014, we have revised the rules for participating in FaMESHed as well as some changes we will soon be making.These changes are the result of a survey given to our current designers, and by popular demand, we have decided to begin allowing shoe add on’s for 3rd party creations (such as Slink & Belleza feet) as well as mesh clothing sizes for mesh fitted bodies (for more info, please see our updated rules and regulations below).

The following are rules & guidelines that include what we expect from our Creators:

1. All items must be mesh.

2. Items must be NEW and cannot be resold in your store until after the event.

3. Re-textured mesh items are allowed (but must be used in moderation!)

4. As of Nov 2014, Fameshed now allows Belleza, Maitreya, The Shops and Slink Shoe Add-on’s as long as the item is original mesh. We will also allow mesh clothing add-ons for mesh bodies as long as the designer provides standard sizing in addition to the custom size.

5. Appliers such as nail appliers, lipstick, Lola or Azz appliers are not allowed. This is a mesh only event.

6. We will be regulating the number of items sold in Fameshed as we do not want to overcrowd the event with one particular genre. This includes genres like hair and furniture as well as shoes. Please note specifically (as we are now allowing 3rd party addons) that if you wish to have shoes as part of your clothing collection, please speak to Cracked or Elvi. This also goes for anyone who might want to make something completely outside their specified genre (for instance a hair creator wanting to create furniture, or a furniture creator wanting to make clothes).

**For permanent designers, you will have the opportunity to list your item genre through the RSVP form so you will not need to contact us directly (in this case we will contact you if there is a conflict).

7. No template mesh items will be allowed. Original custom creations only please. This includes templates from the SL Marketplace as well as any outside sources (Renderosity, Turbosquid, etc., and yes we do check!).

8. Creators are asked to provide an item every month, or at the minimum requirement of once every 2 months. There will of course be exceptions in the event of an emergency either in RL or SL.

9. Discounted items are not allowed, all items MUST be sold at full price. This is not a discount event. Our focus is on quality new and exclusive mesh items. We believe you work very hard for your products and deserve to get the full value of your quality items.

10. It is also not required but highly recommended that you provide blogger copies to our exclusive blogger team via the in world “FaMESHed Creators & Bloggers” group.

11. Finally, we request that you link to us on your website (we will do the same for you!) and put the FaMESHed group ad sign in your store.

To submit a request to join FaMESHed or to be considered as a guest creator please fill out the application below.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact ElviraMidnight Resident. However, please do not duplicate your applications or send us multiple notecards. If you do not hear from us, please understand that we are invite only and if/when we can offer a spot we will. This is in no way anything personal against you or your creations; we receive multiple applications everyday and we only have so many spaces to give per month.