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Monday, 22nd May, 2017


FaMESHed District is home to some amazing designers for their Satelite Stores! While shopping at The Event, you can take a walk around and take a look at the stores and maybe take some items with you!

The Designers keep their stores topped off with all their fabulous designs.

The stores are rarely available, and it is on a first come – first serve basis, however there are some rules…

Rules and Conditions:

The rent is L$850 per week, and you get 300 prims with the rental.
Renting this space – does not mean you get a spot or way in at FaMESHed if you are not in the Designers group.This not guarantee a permanent spot either.
You must have space to be in the FaMESHed District group so you can rez.
Your items needs to be 100% original mesh.
No stolen items can be sold here, has to be your own work.

To be on the waiting list for when stores become available click here.

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